aboutCollageAt the monthly meetings formalities are kept to a minimum as minutes of previous meetings are emailed to members. Each Saturday after our monthly meeting we visit a garden.

There is a segment called “Flower of the Month” – members are encouraged to bring along blooms from their gardens and speak briefly about them.

A member may speak about a particular plant – a short commentary on a tree or shrub that does well in our sub-tropical conditions. At other times a guest speaker is invited to talk on relevant horticultural subjects of interest. Or we may be treated to commentary from an expert from a different field.

Time is allowed for sharing both problems and information, using the skills and botanical knowledge of the members.
Of particular interest is a segment about bugs where members bring along either damaged plant tissue or the bug itself to look for a solution.

The Trading Table is very popular and a good income stream for the Club. Members bring along flowers, plants and produce excess to their needs and they are auctioned off in a generous spirit of fun.

A delicious afternoon tea concludes the meeting. See our 40 year Ruby Celebrations