The Bangalow Garden club is a social club fostering a love of plants, gardening, biodiversity, sustainability and community through the sharing of plants, experience, knowledge, guest speakers and engaging social activities.

Our values are the core beliefs that shape the way our club behaves and makes decisions.  As a club we value honesty, integrity, respect, inclusion, generosity, enjoyment, team-work and commitment.

Our region is sub-tropical … we are able to grow plants from temperate to tropical and success is determined by the dryness or wetness of the season. So it’s a glorious place to grow a garden from a bare paddock to luscious growth in just five years.

The area was heavily logged for its beautiful rainforest timbers in the late 19th century, especially the famed Australian softwood, red cedar. There is quite a penchant for re-afforestation in the area especially where acreage is available, but beautiful native rainforest shrubs and trees are noted in most gardens, even where traditional cottage garden style is used.

We have an extensive membership that reflects a wide diversity in age and skill. We are famous for our delectable afternoon teas.