Congratulations to our office bearers for 2019

Co –presidents : Fay Dwyer and Mary Lou Fraser
Vice President: Sandra Mankowsky
Vice President Membership: Adelina Linardon
Treasurer: Liz Hind
Assistant Treasurer: Sue Brennan
Secretary: Denise Willis
Public Officer: Anne Abbink and Steven Wedd

Social Secretary/Garden Visits: Lesley Player and Patricia Ditullio
Social Scretary/Guest Speaker: Margaret Bruce and Richard Rowland
Membership secretary: Margaret Bruce
Catering co-ordinator: Diana Harden
Catering Assistants: Debbie Hayward and Helen Barlow
Flora of the month Co-ordinator: Denise Stobart
Web Site: Fay Bogg
Auctioneers: Hazel Sowerby and Steven Wedd