How to care for dahlia bulbs – Steve Wedd

Steve has previously brought his exhibition dahlias blooms to the club ... this week he demonstrated how to separate tubers.

It is important to let the dahlias die down completely.
You can leave them in the ground & they will flower again next spring.
But, to get really strong plants it is better to dig them up & store in a cold shady place over winter (in potting mix so they don't dry out).

In Spring when the eyes or shoots appear use a knife or cutters to separate single or small clumps of tubers.

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My tips for breeding Dahlias – Steve Wedd

Steve Wedd and his brother breed SHOW dahlias just north of Bangalow.
Rather then hand pollinate their breeding technique is to isolate known flower blooms in rectangular beds and allow wind pollination.
Steve has had some wonderful results from this method.
He has bred "Coorabelle Gold" a recognised favourite and ... see blooms below.
Further plant breeding notes available at the club.

Dahlia bulbs – Steve Wedd

Steve is a passionate grower of exhibition dahlias. He lives in the Bangalow hinterland. He grows all the specialty blooms to be in peak condition for the various Dahlia Exhibitions through NSW and Queensland.
I had never seen the original single dahlia before it was shown here in various colours - petite, precise & delightful. To grow big blooms on straight stems Steve prunes - he chooses to cut above 2 leaf nodes some 25cm above ground.

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