Day Lily

November’s featured plant was the Daylily – talk by Elspeth Lacey

Daylilies belong to the Hemerocallis genus and they are native to Asia.

There are some 60,000 cultivars and they come in a wide range of colours, plant height and bloom size.

Daylilies are hardy and make wonderful mass displays of clour through their flowering season (Oct to March).
The Roma Street Gardens in Brisbane are evidence of this.
In Ian and Elspeth's garden they've used the daylilies in clumps both to fill in spaces and to delineate paths.

In June the foliage is cut back and dead leaves cleared.
In no time the plant sends up new foliage.
Daylilies are easily propagated either by basal division or by the new plants that are produced from spent flower stems.

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