Eucharist Lily

September’s featured plant was the Eucharist Lily – talk by Jan Lee

Jan spoke about the Eucharist Lily (or Amazon Lily) showing members a beautiful specimen in a pot that had originated from Margaret Olley's aunt.
Margaret Olley had painted the Eucharist Lily

The eucharist lily can bloom several times a year and prefers dappled shade when planted outside in the garden.

Jan also likes to grow them in pots and places pots in the bathromm and back verandah.
Plant 3 or 4 bulbs in an 8 inch pot - they like to be crowded.
And let them dry off for several weeks then water ... and the flowers will come.
Repot in Spring and apply complete fertiliser evry couple of months
Offset bulbs can be potted up in Summer.

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