Beth Noble talks about FERNS

Beth brought a great variety of potted ferns to look at.
One of the great favourites of course is the Maidenhead fern.
It should be cut back hard in August & fed with Maxi-crop or Seasol.
The old fashioned way was to fill the pot with paper & burn it.
Or cut back half the roots, put back in the pot and cover with soil for neat new growth.

But always remember with pots ... if they are sitting on a saucer (as are most indoor pots) make sure the saucer is dry a day or two before you water again.
Why? Because the soil in the pot will go sour if continually wet.

Beth spoke about the many ferns available to us.
Tear Drops, Golden Fern, Chincilla Lace, Boston, Foxtails, Haresfoot, Baby's Tears, Birdsnest, Tick Fern, Basket, Hen & Chicken, Suzie Wong to name a few.

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