February’s featured plant was the HYDRANGEA – talk by Jan Lee

Jan is a passionate gardener with a very large house garden in rural Clunes.
Having been a florist she has a wonderful eye for colour and form both in the garden and in her famous floral posies.

On the cool southern side of the house she has kept the original hydrangeas but keeps them pruned to about 25cm below the height she want the blooms to be.
To prune she suggests always to have 2 buds opposite one anothe at the top of the cutting with a total length of about 20-25cm.
If you put cuttings into a pot already filled with plants, or direct into a garden bed, you won't need to add plant hormones because they are already there.

Cuttings can be taken in late summer though the normal time is winter.

Jan suggests these late blooms make the most beautiful carefree vase of flowers.

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