Monica’s special plant

Monica introduced us to her coastal garden at Lennox – the front garden has the harshest conditions with sun and wind; Near the House has a lot more winter shade while the back yard provides a sanctuary for both occupants and plants. Monica’s rollicking tale of the family curse – the Red Riding Hood Dipladenia – led us on the journey to the discovery of Alice du Pont, the joyful pink Mandevilla.
It grows perfectly well in her sanctuary and she has in fact planted more … in white.

Mandevilla’s are of the Dogbane family. There are some 120 species including tuberous, perennial, subshrub and twisting vines. They originate from central and southern America and have an extended flowering season from late Spring through to Autumn.

Monica favours the large flowered types
Alice du Pont – not too vigorous, leggy in full sun but compact in shade
Sun Parasol – vigorous with leaves that stay glossy in winter – in 3 sizes (Classic: crimson, pink, dark red, creamy pink), (Giant:white , pink, crimson with coarser growth) and (Pretty: crimson and pink that will grow in a pot with no support)
Aloha – Mandevilla x Dipladenia – not aggressive & in clours red through to white

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