Tree Begonias

Tree Begonias – April 2015 Talk by Lyn Plummer

Tree Begonias or Cane-stemmed Begonias are a very tall growing begonia up to 2 metres or more in height and forming a clump of upright stems. They are very hardy, being drought and heat tolerant. Flowers ranging from reds, pinks and white hang in beautiful clusters and continue to flower throughout the year. The leaves are also very decorative with angel-wing shape and some have silver or white spots. Tree Begonias live for many years. Some of ours would be 40 years or more. Many plants grow well under them because their open growth lets through plenty of light. We have Clivias, Maiden Hair Fern and small Salvias under ours. Our Tree Begonias are the old fashioned variety and don’t thicken up if pruned. Newer cultivars however will respond to being cut back. Pests and diseases don’t bother Tree Begonias and they require little or no maintenance apart from giving them an occasional slow release fertilizer. So if you have any spaces in your garden or at the side of your house Tree Begonias will make a colourful display all year round.
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