Garden Visit June

The March garden visit was to Lynn and Greg Plummer’s  very pretty garden  3 and a half garden at Tuckombil.  Thank you for sharing your garden with us all.

Lyn writes:

Our garden is a lovely mix of established tropical and ornamental plants with a backdrop of large trees as well. There are many eucalypts and rainforest trees which provide a haven for a wide range of birds. Most of our favourite trees have been planted here many years ago. These include jacaranda, poinciana, cassia fistula, magnolia, paulownia, tabebuia and heaps more.

Plants such as cycads, palms, cordyline, dracaena and gingers provide a tropical feel. Azaleas, camellias, crepe myrtles, gardenias, salvias and coleus bring colour into the garden as well. We’re also lucky to have a variety of citrus, bananas, custard apple and a vegetable garden.

We’ve been busy in our first year here establishing new gardens and rock walls on the steeper sections of the garden. We’ve planted cliveas, walking iris, bromeliads, tree ferns, crows nest ferns plus lots more in the newer garden.

It’s a work in progress! We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found such a beautiful spot.

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