March 2014 Garden

In March we visited the poperty of Stefan Mager in the Mullumbimby hinterland

When Stefan and his wife bought the property it was a certified Bio-dynamic farm with a modest commercial fresh vegetable garden.
Although committed to the principles of BD they found fresh produce was not a commercial proposition. With some lateral thinking and a print background, the Magers are developing in a new direction.

They supply BD balls (see the horns below that produce it) to interested farmers while keeping their farm BD certified.
Soap is manufactured on site and a large array of informative glossy gardening guides are produced by Stefan.
As well the vegetable plot has now been transformed into the circular garden at the entrance to the property.

below: circular garden and horsetail growing in well (used in BD principles) and second row: Stefan with BD ball in his hands and Lotus seeds from the large pond

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