Propagation Workshop – April 16 2024

Thank you to Stephen Stoker for sending this article in and Rosemary Edwards who took photos.

What a very informative Workshop it was!

aren Bono, a member of the Bangalow Garden Club, took 10 participants, including myself, through a 2-hour session on how to propagate various cactus, bulbs, begonias and other plants. All the plants and materials were provided and Karen did not forget a thing including: gloves, seed raising mix, hormone powder and planters.

The session began with a little theory and terminology before we got to the nitty-gritty hands-on stuff.

We were shown how to do:

  • Leaf and stem cutting.
  • Successfully manage offset planting from baby plants that grow around the base or step of the mother plant.
  • Division, whereby clumps are separated and potted up.
  • Layering, which is propagating by bending the growth from the mother plant into the soil.

Karen provided us with a tea break and answered many of our questions regarding propagation that we would like to attempt in the future.

I finished the course with many plants to take home after all my hard work and met many members who I now regard as friends.

Thanks Karen, highly informative and fun.

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