September 2023

Our September meeting welcomed life members, existing members and 5 new members.  Co-President Rosemary advice that our Christmas Party would be held on the 6 December at Summerland House.

After the reports Maree Pfisterer introduced Flora of the Month.

  • Steven Wedd – Queens Anne Lace, Duacus carota OR Ammi majus False Queen Anne’s Lace???
  • Judy Baker – Shooting Stars, Pavonia ‘Shooting Star’
  • Fay Bogg, Blue Mist, Bartlettina sordida (formerly Eupatorium megalophyllum)
  • Monica Wilcox – Dwarf Native Hibiscus, Hibiscus diversifolius (maroon)
  • Jocelyn Day – Freesias, Freesia x hybrida, Spring fragrant bulb
  • Lyn Binns – Baboon Flower or Blue Freesia, blue flowering bulb from SA. Babiana stricta.
  • Beth Noble – large orange flowering Clivea.
  • Julia Bambery – Leucospermum, a Proteacea family from South Africa. Large shrub, prolific bloomer.

Margaret Bruce our Guest Speaker co-ordinator announced that she will be stepping down from this role at the end of the year.  Margaret asked for a volunteer and a friend to take on this role in the New Year.

Margaret introduced the Guest Speakers being our very own Judy and Bob Ellison who spoke about growing and shaping bonsai.  Having a small garden and after seeing a bonsai talk at the club as few years ago they decided that bonsai was perfect for their situation.

Judy advised that they grow non-traditional bonsai and that they watch YouTube videos by Peter Chan of Heron Nursery.

A wire is firstly fixed through the base to secure the root ball in the pot.  Wire mesh is placed over the holes, a thin layer of blue metal/crusher dust, and mix of potting mix and kitty litter.

Judy and Bob fertilise every 3 weeks with ½ strength Thrive and a small amount of Potash. The bonsai are watered every day with a dripper system. Congested root balls get root pruned as needed.  Stems and branches are trained with copper wire that is wrapped around in a spiral fashion. The plants are pruned after flowering.

Plants like strangler figs are attached to driftwood and covered with sphagnum moss until the roots are attached to the wood. Species include Bougainvillea, a favourite for its spilling form and vibrant flowers, various Figs, Chinese Elms, Japanese Yew, Black Pine and Gardenia. The bonsais are kept outdoors. Some like figs can be brought indoors for a brief period. The Judy and Bob keep an eye out for twisted distorted plants in nurseries that other probably reject.

We all thanked the Judy and Bob for their informative and entertaining talk.

The very enjoyable auction was conducted next and as is usual was a lot of fun.  Upon completion of the auction we all enjoyed a very delicious afternoon tea.

Thank you all members and guests.

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