Mackaya bella

August’s featured plant was the shrub Mackaya bella – talk by Elaine Becker

Sometimes known as the forest bell bush, Mackaya bella (ht 1.5-2.5m) is a South African member of the broader Acanthaceae plant family.

It is easy to grow in shady places and has
- lush and attractive leaves
- decorative two-lipped flowers, with four to five petals (one or more of which may be formed in the shape of a protruding tongue).

Mackaya bella flowers amidst glossy, wavy-edged leaves on a rounded shrub.
The flowers are large, the palest lilac-white and bell-like.
They are finely etched with purple and each has a flared, three-lobed lower lip, the same shape as those of the oyster plant (Acanthus mollis) without its purple bracts.

It thrives in a semi-shaded position and is an excellent choice for an informal hedge in a shaded spot.

It is sensitive to hard frosts, and needs to be pruned back after flowering for a compact shape.

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