June 2021 Meeting

Our new website was launched at this meeting, Fay Bogg was thanked for her great work in creating the site (and for mainaining the previous site) as well as all who helped with sourcing photos and adding posts.  This website will make our admin volunteers’ jobs easier with members asked to create userids and update their details on-line in order to access Minutes of Meetings, Monthly Newsletters, Saturday Garden Visit details, all on Members Only pages.

We had a very active Q & A segment with members asking questions about grass maintenance, problems with a native hibiscus attacked by pests and a sticky weed infestation that was identified as Silverleaf Desmodium.  Our members are so knowledgeable and a really healthy discussion ensued with a wide range of solutions discussed.

Many members bought in some very beautiful flowers blooming in their gardens; orchids, camellias, salvias and luculias for our Flora of the Month segment.

Our Guest Speaker Laurie Baxter from Byron & District Orchid Society was introduced to us by our member Julia Bambery, a keen orchid grower.  Laurie discussed the orchid family’s worldwide distribution and their habits as well as how to grow them. Julia provided a very helpful guide for the novice orchid grower.  More details can be read on the Events – Special Interest page.