February 2021 Meeting

Membership fees are now due for 2021.

Adelina asked that everyone observe social distancing and use hand sanitizer.

This month there was no speaker however members were asked to speak  about what happened in their gardens over the last year and what gardening meant to them.
Margaret Bruce, Hazel Sowerby, Diana Harden, Jocelyn Day, Robyn Anderson, Ann Tubridy, David Williamson, Annie Abbink, Beth Noble, Helen Barlow, Athena McIver, Steven Wedd and Suzy Johnson each told an interesting tale.
Helen Barlow won the prize, a Ruby Anniversary mug, for the most interesting story about the disaster with her enormous frangipani tree falling over in a storm and the problems it presented.

A number of members brought in plants: Adelina Linardon – Ivory Curl (Buckinghamia celsissima) & Transplant Australia Thank You rose; Beth Noble – Fire & ice dahlia; Denise Willis – Bunches of proteas; Mary Lou Fraswer – Beehive ginger (Zingiber spectabile); Fay Bogg – Tibouchina heteromolia and Lesley Player – Flaming beauty (Carphalea Kirondron)

Adelina advised that club now has 72 members on Facebook.  Adelina thanked all those members who posted photos of beautiful blooms.  It was a wonderful way for those members on Facebook to stay connected.  She noted that the Facebook page is only for members of Bangalow Garden Club and urged any members who are on Facebook to join.

Our meeting provided for a lively auction table followed by our renowned afternoon tea.
It was great to be back and active as a garden club again after 2020’s Covid era.


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