Garden Visit April 2022

We travelled to the beautiful garden of our member Carol Lea in Clunes.

Carol’s garden is such a delight and her love of floristry and excellent gardening skill is evident with a profusion healthy perennials, annuals, exotics and annuals.  Even with the excessive rain that our area has been experiencing her plants are not only healthy but producing lovely blooms.

There are little ornamental pieces such as a little fairy garden and small garden ornaments tucked away in the garden beds.  There is a lovely wreath made with a selection of foliage and blooms all expertly arranged and displayed hanging on the wall of her home.

The plants included Roses, Camellias, Callicarpa (Beautyberry), Salvias, Lobelia, Pentas, Dahlias, Gomphrena, Dichorisandra (Blue Ginger), Strobilanthus gossypinus (Persian Shield or Pewter Plant), Cycads, Cordylines, Ferns, Succulents and many, many more.

It was a truly delightful garden and we thank her for hard work and for welcoming us all.

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