June 2024

Our meetings always deliver. The committee’s reports as expected provide our members with pertinent and beneficial insights into the club’s operations and upcoming activities.

Following the standard committee reports and the conclusion of club business, our Flora of the Month segment was equally impressive.

  • Fay Bogg – a type of perennial, Otocanthus caeruleus, known as Little Blue Boy, is a very resilient plant that can grow up to 600mm.  Ruellia sp. can reach heights of 2.0m and thrives with a hard pruning. African daisies, scientifically known as Osteospermum, have unique petal shapes.
  • Fay Dwyer – Roses, Earth Angel, Wedding Bells, Grande Amore
  • Steven Wedd – Tuber Rose, Polianthes tuberosa, forms compact clumps but does not produce abundant flowers. The flowers are highly fragrant.
  • Julia Bambery – Leopard Orchid, Ansellia africana, is a common sight in tropical Africa, including Natal, Swaziland, and as far south as Durban.

Karen Bono, the guest speaker coordinator, welcomed our speakers, garden club members Lesley Player and Bruce Tom, who shared valuable garden tips and travel experiences, known as ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, collected from fellow garden club members and their own knowledge.

The afternoon was wrapped up with a delightful afternoon tea.

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