June 2022

Our meetings are so informative, educational and fun and this meeting was especially so.

We were reminded about our upcoming bus trip to the Botanical Bazaar in Nerang which we are excited to attend.

One of our members asked why her Bougainvillea was defoliating.  The general consensus was that the root zones were too wet and that Bougainvillea needs a hot dry position

The Flora of the Month specimens were outstanding especially after the horrendous weather that we have and are still experiencing.  Presented were Paphiopedilum spicerianum, two pots of Cymbidium orchids, a Calathea in bloom.  The roses were Perfume Passion, Fallstaff, Wedding Bells, Sunny Skies, Children’s Rose, Lyons Rose, Eleanor, Madame Lambard, Tipsy Imperial Concubine, Maman Cachet, Lady Hillingdon and Pearl Door. A lovely Crane’s bill geranium flower was also included amongst the roses.

This month’s guest speaker, Miranda Liebmann a geologist and macadamia farmer, was outstanding. Her topic, Soils, was so interesting.   Her notes for the speech are available will be available on the Special Interests page of this website.  I can only thank our Guest Speaker co-ordinator who finds the most interesting people to come and present to our members.

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