July 2017 Garden Visit

This month we visited the garden of Diana and Peter Harden in Cumbalum. Theirs is a suburban block on a north/south facing ridge just north of Ballina.

The house and garden are some 8 years old.
Di, a professional landscape gardener, has a love of succulents and texture in her designs and in her own garden both are on display in spades.
A perimeter planting of native trees on the steep block provides both shelter and screening while within, succulents, palms (WOW that grey Bismark) and seasonal colour from the north-facing frangipani forest provide texture interest and form. The giant silver grey bromeliads make a stunning feature.

The entrance steps are bounded by a dark green low-growing lomandra which softens the steps while to the right the yellow fire-sticks provide a textured vertical frame for the large variegated yellow succulents in front and the large coastal palm behind.

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