Feature Foliage

Diana Harding is passionate about Foliage Plants

Diana is an award winning Garden Design practitioner. She is also a member of our Garden Club

Sourcing Foliage Plants
Grasses – Bluedale Nurseries and Impact Grasses (online) – tubestock, delivered, websites have photos, descriptions & cultivataion notes
Drought Tolerant Plants – Dragon Trees, Chinderah (online)
Shrubs – Strobilanthes gossipinus bought from small nursey on route to Ballina airport
Cordylines – Aspley nursery (online)

Different Types of Foliage Plants
1. Grasses Dwarf lomandras eg Tanika; Carex apressa and Knobby Club Rush Isolepsis nodosa for wet position; Red Swamp Foxtail Pennisetum advena Rubrum (1.4m) or dwarf (1m) looks good as background plant
2. Hero or Sculptural Plants for accent eg Kalanchoe baharensis with its fabulous large felted leaves like deer antlers; also Cardboard & Sago Palms
3. Drought Tolerant | Dry Position | Pots for hot dry themed gardens eg Hesperaloe parvifolia that arches from basal crown; Mother-in-laws tongue; Senecio with grey filoage; Euphorbia
4. Shrubs for tropical cottage gardens eg Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyerianus and S gossipinus
5. Cordylines & Gingers are great fill-ins in native tropical and rainforest gardens. Look great near ponds or creeks
6. Palms, Ferns & Cycads are slow growing. Work with other ferns, cottage, bromeliads and tropical designs
7. Best of Lilly Pillys & similar species

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