Denise Stobart and Aromatherapy … and essential oils

Denise is a member of the garden club and a practising aromatherapist.
To enhance her informative talk Denise brought along 8 separate essential oils for us to smell their fragrances. Only one of them, lavender, can be used in its concentrated form; all others must be added to carrier oils. As a rule of thumb, if you don't like the smell then don't use it was Denise's advice.
Her strong advice was buy only essential oils that are packaged with the plant's latin name

Denise outlined the history of essential oils, their use and the different processes used to capture essential oils from source plants
The 8 essential oils were lavender, geranium, orange, peppermint, frankincense, rosemary, roman camomile & ginger.
Denise donated several mixes of essential oils to the Trading table.

April 2017

Denise Stobart and Hazel Sowerby gave a combined presentation on Aromatherapy, repeating many of the messages that Denise had previously talked about.

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